Standardization powers Repsol’s payroll and HR systems

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    Madrid, Spain

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    30+ countries

The Spanish energy company, Repsol has a global presence and manages people and payroll in a number of different territories.

It’s existing payroll processes was somewhat dated. So they asked us how they can improve their payroll systems and processes.

What was/were the main issues?

Repsol used SAP for its payroll system in 10 countries. The system was implemented over 20 years ago. As a result, it was designed according to the payroll model that existed back then.

This makes the system very complex, not standard and with idiosyncrasies very specific for each country.

The arrival of cloud HCM systems advocate global and standard processes. This highlighted the need for Repsol to review its payroll system and move towards a simpler, standardized model that integrates with their HCM system.

How we helped?

We worked with Repsol on undertaking complete system diagnosis as well as documenting the current system and payroll processes.

This gave Repsol a different viewpoint, based on industry best practice and our years of experience with other customers. We were then able to define the optimal solution.

The project

Working together, we created a guide with over 30 initiatives for improvement. This would simplify Repsol’s existing payroll system by standardizing it and improving the integration with the existing HCM, Workday.

What Repsol said?

Carolina Calvo, Global Payroll Administration Manager at Repsol says: “The experience was very positive. If I have to pick one thing, it is the benefit of working with an expert multidisciplinary team.”

“The good results are due to teamwork. Each person is an expert in his/her field, but when combining each input it added great value.”

“If I had to do it again, I would have a construction phase. So as the system was being analyzed and the optimal model being defined, the next step would be to build it. This avoids casting aside valuable proposals, before we could build them.”

Results and next steps

A second project for 2020 to implement the enhancements in SAP is in the pipeline.

In addition there is another Repsol-Alight | NGA HR project to improve the integration between SAP and Workday. This takes advantage of the standardization and simplification that the project in 2019 addressed.