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Neustar: Maximizing the value of Workday Payroll

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    Sterling, VA, USA

Neustar maximizes the functionality of their Workday environment through ongoing services.

About Neustar

Neustar is a leader in the field of authoritative identity resolution. They help companies grow and guard their business by connecting people and places with expert solutions in marketing, risk, security and registry services.

Neustar’s Story

In 2014, Neustar, made the decision to move to the Cloud, to better support the business and improve user experience. As a result, they selected Workday HCM and Workday Pay, as well as NGA HR to implement and manage payroll services. This is in addition to providing Application Management Services after go-live.

As a result of this partnership, Neustar was able to successfully deploy the full functionality offered by Workday. The focus was on strategic HR management while leaving payroll and application management, with its specific compliance needs, to a specialist partner.

Neustar’s viewpoint

Chirag Parikh, Vice President of Internal Audit at Neustar: ”One of our key objectives was to maximize the Workday functionality, and that’s why we partnered with NGA. Neustar selected Managed Payroll and Workday Application Management from NGA. One of the main reasons for selecting NGA versus the other two competitors was that NGA was able to provide a managed payroll solution using Neustar’s Workday instance.”

“NGA’s role in this process was more like a trusted advisor. When we started this journey, they came in and we presented our problems. They provided some solutions right off the bat. In contrast, for some items they said we needed to change our processes. For certain areas NGA HR had to dig deeper to understand what the true problem was before providing the solution. It was a very collaborative approach between the company and NGA.”

“Since we’ve gone live, we’ve not encountered any payroll issues related to accuracy or timeliness of our paychecks. From a payroll perspective, we’re using the full functionality of the Workday solution.”

NGA and Neustar have entered into a strong long-term partnership with a focus on collaboration and continuous improvement. Chirag Parikh confirms: “Our partnership with NGA continues to evolve. We therefore view them as an extension of our team. They are our partner and our teams work very well collaboratively with them.”

“One of the main reasons why we selected NGA versus the other two competitors was NGA was able to provide a managed payroll solution using Neustar’s Workday instance.”

Chirag Parikh