HR Consulting

Exertis: Driven to deliver the perfect employee experience

  • Industry: Technology distribution
  • Employees: 2,700
  • Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland

Exertis is one of Europe’s fastest growing technology distribution and service providers. To support this growth, its workforce is expanding in size, job specification, and number of locations. To maintain its reputation for customer service excellence, the leadership team recognized that employee centricity is vital, but had concerns that its manual HR processes were no longer able to support the dynamics of its workforce. The decision was made to move its HR processes into the Cloud. The result is highly efficient, flexible, and user friendly HR and payroll processes.

Part of DCC plc, Exertis partners with 350 global technology brands and over 22,850 retailers and resellers to deliver products to consumers across the UK, Europe and the Middle. In 2015, it reported revenues of £2.3 billion, a year-on-year growth of 4%.

The Challenge

  • To maximize employee engagement
  • Accelerate HR-related business change
  • Introduce standard processes for all employees
  • Increase the process and financial efficiency of HR processes
  • Reduce process duplication

The HR Solution
The implementation of a hybrid HR platform to combine the best of SAP’s SuccessFactors core HR platform with NGA Human Resources’s own proprietary ResourceLink payroll solution.

Exertis is a division of DCC plc, a FTSE 100 company specializing in international sales, marketing, distribution and business support services.

Headquarters: Accrington, UK
Industry: Technology distribution & specialist services
Revenue 2015 £2.300 billion
Employees: 1,200
Presence: Across Europe and Middle East

The SuccessFactors environment currently comprises of Employee Central, Performance & Goal Management and Learning. NGA HR used Dell’s Boomi tool to create a single interface, introducing a seamless flow of HR and payroll data; data that can now be triaged, analysed and fed back into the business to drive new efficiencies.

The Process
NGA HR was required to conduct a complete redesign of existing business processes to ensure these align with the new digital HR systems. The resulting Digital HR platform took just six months to deliver, from concept, through design and build, to go live.

The business transforming Digital HR solution went live in May 2015. NGA HR delivered its elements on time, and within budget. NGA HR is now engaged in on-going systems maintenance, training and consultancy, ensuring that Exertis continues to get the best operational return from its investment. A retained services contract is currently in negotiation.

“NGA HR’s experience extends well beyond technology implementation. The team was able to support us through the huge cultural change we were introducing. Our workforce was going from no access to their HR profile to complete interactive visibility. This was a major learning curve for staff, made easy by NGA.”

Ryan Marr
HR Project Manager, Exertis

“The project success was made possible by the partnership, knowledge & commitment NGA HR demonstrated throughout the planning, implementation and on-going maintenance program.”

Ryan Marr
HR Project Manager, Exertis
Positive culture shift for fast employee adoption

The end result is a complete cultural shift for our business. Exertis has moved from a laborious manual HR function to one that is slick, automated and functional.

The ability for employees to take control of their own HR administration securely, around the clock, and from any device including smartphone, has not only proved empowering, it has greatly reduced the time and cost currently spent by HR teams administering these processes.

HR specialists can now focus on strategic business initiatives, including talent management and employee development.

The Benefits
  • Highly efficient Digital HR & payroll processes
  • Self-service means little or no HR intervention at the admin level
  • HR focus on people, not processes
  • Analytics from the integrated HR & payroll processes brings huge business intelligence returns
  • Visibility of real-time workforce performance presents opportunities for improvements and change
  • Fast resolution of HR tickets
  • Elimination of duplicate processes
The Results

These highly efficient Digital HR & payroll processes require little or no user intervention at the administrative level. The focus is now very much on people, not processes.

Employees know exactly what their payroll and awards entitlement is, and have complete visibility of the status of all bookings and enquiries they have made, or have been made for them.

The entire workforce is reported to feel empowered by this visibility. It has helped to foster more open communications between the business and employees, and employee engagement, despite the growth, is extremely high.

“NGA HR’s consultants took the time to understand our business now, and to help us to visualize the future. This gave us the insight to see what we could achieve for our business beyond the standard SuccessFactors platform. ”

Why is NGA Human Resources a Solid Partner Choice?

NGA HR proved to be a true partner throughout. Its open communications, coupled with its seamless ability to migrate a disparate payroll and HR system to a standardised Digital HR platform is strong.

Added to this, NGA HR’s standing as a leading innovator of HR Cloud Accelerators on the SAP Hana Platform, brings Exertis the confidence that it has a partner in NGA HR for life. Equally, NGA HR’s global footprint mirrors that of DCC, opening up opportunities for the group to extend the expansion of its digital HR platform.

Future IT

Plans Stage 1 is to maintain SuccessFactors to ensure that it continues to deliver maximum value. It is likely that NGA HR will work with Exertis to add functionality including HR Cloud Accelerators, to fill white space in its core platform.


Throughout, NGA HR clearly demonstrated that it understands HR and Payroll processes, and the business cases delivered against these. It then took the best technologies and made these deliver against the specific needs of the business to make HR work better for Extertis. As a result, employee engagement is high, managers have complete visibility of their teams, employees can take ownership of their own training and development, and the board has the data it needs to make smart changes to the business.

Technology Summary
  • SuccessFactors
  • Employee Central
  • Talent Management
  • Learning Management System,
  • ResourceLink payrol
Process Scope
  • Process re-design:
  • Core HR
  • Learning Management
  • Performance Management
  • Payroll