HR Consulting

Clariant: Harmonizing HR

  • Industry: Specialty chemicals
  • Employees: 18,135
  • Headquarters: Muttenz, Switzerland

A world leader in specialty chemicals, the Clariant group wanted to harmonise the HR information systems of its numerous divisions and subsidiaries on 5 continents. This case study particularly concerns Clariant France and its 1,200 employees.

The Context and the Challenges of this Deployment
Following a series of mergers involving a number of companies, the Clariant group in France decided to integrate the SAP HR & Payment module for all its entities around the world.

The Clariant group possessed numerous companies in France, and each establishment had its own particular features.

In France, there were 5 industrial sites and as many payroll systems. It was therefore decided that SAP HR would be the single system for all countries, and particularly the HR, time management and payroll modules.

The challenges of this project were twofold:

  • A technical challenge: to meet the demand of the Clariant group, which was to have as many applications as possible in SAP, in order to facilitate reporting on the basis of a common group-wide database.
  • A human challenge: to federate the HR teams representing the various establishments and thus lead to a degree of transparency in the payroll and administration systems.

About Clariant
Specialist in specialty chemicals

France turnover in 2007: € 452,7 Million
Country President: Mr A. Frete
CEO: Mr H. Kottmann
Number of employees: 21,500 employees globally
1,200 employees in France

The Scope

  • To have a database common to all Clariant sites and their entities around the world.
  • To facilitate information exchanges between the various entities, by sharing a single module.

The Project

In 2000, Clariant in France launched an invitation to tender for the implementation of the Time Management, HR Development and Payroll Management modules. Clariant in France chose NGA Human Resources to carry out this project.

A group consisting of Payroll and Time Management specialists from 5 Clariant establishments in France was put in place for the entire duration of the mission, in order to discuss and validate each step of the project.

During the mission, NGA Human Resources had to identify the opportunities for harmonizing the different modules of all the establishments, particularly for Payroll and Time Management, which were specific in nature.

NGA Human Resources contributed its SAP expertise and project methodology by segmenting the tasks and by providing expert solutions based on the different possibilities offered by SAP. For the entire duration of the project (one year), NGA Human Resources managed the interfaces, carried out the statutory tests and parameterized the modules to be integrated with those already in place. The project was successfully launched in January 2002.

“We have built a relationship of trust with NGA Human Resources, with whom we have worked for more than 7 years. Throughout all the different projects that we have carried out together, we have been able to count on the HR expertise and the understanding of our needs offered by the NGA Human Resources experts.”

Christine Laval
Vice HR Manager, Clariant
The Objectives of This Project Were to
  • Harmonize the Payroll, HR Development and Time Management modules of the establishments in France.
  • Improve the productivity of the Human Resources departments at global level, as well as the reporting possibilities
The Evolution of the Project

At the launch of the project, Clariant consisted of 3 companies in France.

On 1 January 2006, the legal model of the group was modified, and the number of legal entities consequently increased to 7.

NGA Human Resources therefore carried out an audit in order to modify the parameterizations and to convert the legal entities data into site data.

In 2007, following the acquisition of the Masterbatches business from the CIBA Group by Clariant, NGA Human Resources integrated the 170 employees into the Clariant payroll system, all in the space of 2 months.

After the completion of this project, Clariant and NGA Human Resources discussed the best way of maintaining the system put in place. It was decided in March 2007 that NGA Human Resources would provide Clariant with Europe-wide evolutive and legal maintenance. The NGA OPS department of NGA Human Resources is now in charge of specific parameterizations, and constitutes the support service for the manager of the payroll module.

NGA Human Resources Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany and Spain, for their part, are responsible for the maintenance of the system put in place at local level. Clariant France continues to closely monitor developments in order to remain integrated within a European context.

Why NGA Human Resources?
  • Recognized for its international HR expertise
  • Recognized for its SAP HR specialization
  • Recommended by the publisher SAP
  • Trust developed over many years of partnership