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Modernizing the Belgian Defence and Integrated Police Forces payroll

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    Public sector

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    Brussels, Belgium

The Belgian Defence and Integrated Police Forces came together to enlist the help of NGA HR when modernizing their payroll systems.

The need for modernization

Both the Belgian Defence and Integrated Police Forces have complex payroll needs. Combined they have 85,000 employees. These employees work in different roles, on variable shift patterns and have multiple employment statuses. This is therefore a major administrative task in anyone’s book.

Increased legislation and the specific requirements mean a modern payroll system was required. The payroll system needs to be able to cope with legislation and specific requirements both today and in the future.

The payroll project

The new payroll system was built on the SAP Payroll platform. This enabled the system to evolve and grow with the organisation. They partnered with NGA HR to ensure the project’s success.

The payroll project involved a specific team from NGA HR to scope the requirements and build a system based on the Belgian Defence and Integrated Police Forces’ unique needs.

NGA HR built, maintains and runs payroll and post-payroll services for the 85,000 serving employees.


Implementing a new payroll system requires a large amount of trust from the client. NGA HR’s vast experience of payroll and in particular SAP, gave the Belgian Defence and Police Forces all the reassurance they needed, when it came to transitioning their payroll.

John Van Hende, Belgian Defence explains the reasons why they selected NGA HR

Gert De Bonte, Belgian Police highlights the trust they had in NGA HR


The ambitious project will deliver cost efficiencies from day one. As a result, payroll processing costs will be reduced and the system will be more efficient. Consequently, HR and payroll teams can focus on more strategic tasks rather than high-risk, resource-heavy administrative processes.