Continuous Performance Management

Your biggest asset is your people and
when they grow and progress, so does
your business.

When it comes to managing your talent, ensuring employees are engaged and motivated is vital. Continuous Performance Management can therefore help your business hold onto your talent.

What is Continuous Performance Management?

Continuous Performance Management (CPM) is a way of reviewing performance
as an on-going process. So it can supplement or replace traditional performance
reviews that would take place usually annually.

CPM involves frequently sharing feedback on individual goals and performance
so that employees get the information they need to be effective right now instead
of being surprised by an annual performance rating.

It can also help identify learning and development needs so employees can get
the help they need when they need it.

Advantages of CPM

Reduced subjectivity

Thanks to regular check-ins performance can be assessed closer to the point in time when the behavior was observed.

This therefore improves the accuracy of reviews, because the reviewer does not have to think back several months to recall past performance.

Retention of talent

Regular check-ins and feedback provide employees with the information they need to make changes in the present rather than simply receiving an evaluation related to the past.

Improved quality of feedback

Feedback is improved as it is given regularly. Managers and employees therefore don’t have to think about what has happened over the last year, but over a much shorter period.

Consequently, the more regularly people share feedback with one another, the better they get at giving and receiving it.

Improved performance

Areas where employees need support can be identified more quickly. Action can therefore be taken to help employees stay on track.

Continuous Performance Management with Alight | NGA HR

With our CPM Booster program, we can determine the best approach your company should take when moving to a CPM process.

Our experts look at your organization’s current performance review process, supporting technology and your company’s culture.

In addition, we get perspectives from managers and employees on the current process. This enables us to support you on selecting the right CPM process for your business.

What you can get from our CPM Booster program?

Our CPM Booster methodology includes an awareness session, preparation phase and a CPM Booster Workshop.

At the awareness session we advise you on what it means to move to a CPM model highlighting the pros and cons and the lessons we have learnt from other projects.

Following on from that at the preparation stage we collect all of the information we need about your business including existing processes, IT systems and strategies.

Finally, we present you with the benefits you can expect to get from moving to CPM and suggest the best model that fits your business.

Continuous Performance

In this Whitepaper you’ll discover why CPM helps to build a constructive, forward-looking mindset for individuals as well as the business. You’ll find out why CPM creates a culture of ambition, fosters collaboration and emotional intelligence.  It also ensures business objectives and growth targets are met. We also explain how to get started and provide a 10 steps approach for CPM project success.