HR as a Service

Designed to be better, faster and cheaper, cleaHRsky delivers an engaging HR and payroll experience to your employees.
cleaHRsky is powered by SAP SuccessFactors and fully compliant for immediate use in 188 countries and supports HR Professionals with dashboards and case management tools.

Classic HR deployments come with a lot of work before and after go-live


Interfaces set up

Process descriptions

Upgrades and new releases

Change management

Extensions and documentation

Pre-configured and fully compliant with HR and payroll regulations in 188 countries, cleaHRsky greatly reduces the time, cost and complexity of setting up and running HR in the cloud, based on a catalog of standard core HR processes and services,
while giving clients the ability to configure company-specific areas such as talent management.

cleaHRsky can truly transform and unify your HR and payroll approach

Here’s how:

  • Engage your employees

    • Unified employee experience across HR
    • Native mobile & social capabilities
    • AskHR for direct contact with HR experts
  • Grow and evolve

    • Start with Core HR, go anywhere
    • Roll out as local or multi-country solution
    • Choice of service options
  • Ready to run

    • Activation in 100 days
    • Predefined, best practice HR services
    • Includes Change Management
  • Actionable workforce insights

    • Using HR, Payroll and Service Center data
    • Comes with real-time dashboards
    • Enables predictive analytics
  • Fully compliant

    • End-to-end HR process compliance
    • Legislative and regulatory compliance
    • Continuously audited
  • Secure and reliable

    • Integrated HR solution powered by
      market leaders
    • Highest security and data privacy


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Why consider cleaHRsky?

With cleaHRsky you get end-to-end administrative HR services that you can further expand with the full talent suite of SAP SuccessFactors. Supported by a global network of partners and its international payroll services, cleaHRsky is ready to run in virtually any country of the world.

cleaHRsky is your starting point for innovative HR and payroll. It is better, faster, cheaper and lower risk than
maintaining your in-house system or starting from scratch.

cleaHRsky is the only HR-as-Service solution that delivers a ready-to-use SuccessFactors environment with a range of service options,
including payroll.

cleaHRsky comes with service tools, dashboards and compliance. Ongoing maintenance keeps the system current, so you can focus on what matters – people and business success.

Interested in trying cleaHRsky?

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