NGA cleaHRsky is the industry's first truly integrated HR-as-a-Service solution.

It is ready to run in weeks, and delivers end-to-end HR, payroll and service center processes in 188 countries, combining secure cloud technology from SAP SuccessFactors with industry-leading HR services from NGA HR.

NGA cleaHRsky at a glance

Why NGA cleaHRsky?

Anita Lettink, VP Solutions & Alliances at NGA HR about cleaHRsky
cleaHRsky webinar Listen to our recorded webinar, providing more insight into NGA cleaHRsky

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Ready to run HR-as-a-Service

A choice of BPaaS service options:

Choice of BPaaS service

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Analytics and Actionable Workforce Insights

workforce analytics insights
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Efficient and Parameter-driven Services Activation

services activation methodology
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Why NGA cleaHRsky

Learn more about NGA cleaHRsky

NGA cleaHRsky video

NGA cleaHRsky video

NGA cleaHRsky webinar

NGA cleaHRsky Webinar

HR-as-a-Service solution

Truly Integrated Global HR-as-a-Service Solution

empower your employees and managers

Empower your Employees and Managers

HR-as-a-Service solution

Industry's first HR-as-a-Service Solution