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HR 2025 Series: The five major drivers of workplace change as we move toward 2025

I’m a 63-year-old Boomer, and I’m optimistic about what the workplace will look like in 2025. I’ll be retired by then. However, I’m excited about future opportunities for my younger colleagues and my Millennial children. We’re living in a time of great conflict between people and despair about the future of the world. And there […]

HR 2025 Series: Getting prepared for 2025: The need to focus on Millennials

Our interactions with a cross section of millennials lead us to observe that in India basic needs and our emotional/psychological make-up does not change over time.   OCEAN is the popular acronym to describe the Big 5 personality theory (O-stands for Openness, C- Conscientiousness, E-Extraversion, A- Agreeableness and N-Neuroticism).   We believe that this theory, used since 1961, is still relevant today. We also deduced […]