Meet our People at NGA HR

Get to know the people who are building careers at NGA HR, and learn why they’re excited for the future.


Meet Tom Byrne

the Business Operations Director for NGA HR Enterprise. Tom has been with NGA HR for just under a year. Despite this, he was recognized in London by leading marketing, product and sales leader Sirius Decisions for his commitment to operational excellence for our clients.

NGA HR-Tom Byrne

Meet Eduardo Sousa

Change Management Consultant in Granada, Spain. Eduardo joined as an apprentice last year but is now a full time member of the team and training to work with clients.

NGA HR-Eduardo Sousa

Meet Susmi Baby

One HR Associate lives in Kochi, India. She has been with NGA HR for the past three years. Initially trained as an engineer, Susmi feels really passionate about driving forward the fixes and conclusion of our urgent HR queries internally.

NGA HR-Susmi Baby

Meet Joke Peeters

Digital Marketing Manager in Düsseldorf, Germany. Joke started her career about two and a half years ago as the marketing project manager for Belgium market and our BPO solutions portfolio. She is very excited as recently been nominated into the NEXT program.

NGA HR-Joke Peeters

Meet Jill E Johns

Shared Services HR Outsourcing Testing Process Manager from Jacksonville US. She has been part of the NGA HR family since 1982. Started with AT & T 35 years ago, who were eventually merged with Convergys and the with NorthgateArinso latterly in 2010.

NGA HR-Jill E Johns

Meet Nile Vijayan

Regional Operational Excellence Leader - Asia Pacific. Starting NGA HR in Kochi and has been with us more than four years. She owns three Master degrees in Business Administration, Commerce and six sigma certificates.

NGA HR-Nile Vijayan

Meet Sascha Schneider

Deputy Data Protection Officer in Granada. Number of years ago he started at NGA HR as a BPO associate processing tickets for clients and now a key part of our Privacy Counsel team. Recently he was appointed as a NEXT member for the class of 2018.

NGA HR-Sascha Schneider

Meet Lakshman Kodupaka

Talent Acquisition Manager for the Asia Pacific region. He recently won one of the most prestigious awards in the HR industry in India. "100 HR Super Achievers" (India) hall of fame!

NGA HR-Lakshman Kodupaka

Meet Bastien Meynieux

In his Inside Sales role at NGA HR France, he enjoys the fine balance between Marketing and Sales. Our flexible working opportunities also helps me go to business school part time.

NGA HR-Bastien Meynieux