USA payroll taxes

by Mary Lou Sipple CPP, Workday Payroll Consultant at NGA

I was invited by the Global Payroll Association to provide expert tax advice to USA payroll professionals. Following is a snapshot. You can find my full article in the latest issue of its GPA Magazine.

The key issues I have covered include;

  • New filing dates for 2016 Forms W-2, W-3 and 1099-Misc
  • Work opportunity tax credit extension for qualified tax-exempt organisations hiring qualified veterans
  • Retroactive increase in excludable transit benefits for 2015
  • ACA Reporting extension
  • Truncated taxpayer identification numbers
  • Federal tax treatment of identity protection services

And for those of you not operating payroll services in the USA, if you are keen to find out more about payroll tax implications in the countries in which you do operate, please don’t hesitate to contact NGA Human Resources. We have payroll tax experts in all the countries where tax compliance is vital to you.