Uber. The HR and payroll side of the story

Uber is today at the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) to appeal last year’s decision on the employment status of its drivers.

In October 2016, an employment tribunal ruled that Uber drivers are workers and not self-employed, meaning they are entitled to be paid the minimum wage and to receive annual leave and statutory sick pay. Therefore, they should be included in the payroll process, highlighting the complexity that the gig economy is presenting.

The question of right or wrong in the Uber case is in the hands of the regulators.Across all industries we’re seeing zero tolerance to non-compliance when it comes to payroll and HR regulations.

Fines and reputation damage are now the rather common bed-fellows of HR and payroll process failure.



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Misunderstanding is no longer an excuse for breaches in payroll reporting. Gender Pay is next up in the sights of the regulators. Be ready!