The impact of digitization on customer relationships

In recent years, our consumer habits have transformed greatly. Consequently, we have incorporated this type of ‘consumeresque’ technology in practically all of our business processes.

Increasingly we want to have all of the information or services we need almost immediately. This is regardless of where we are or the device or channel we are using.

It is in this context that digitization is born. The client must be at the center of everything we do. We must know how to interact with them and take advantage of technology to provide the best possible experience.

Focusing on ​​human resources (HR) more specifically, we can say it consists of applying all available technology to the activities that the HR teams carry out daily. This can improve decision-making and processes such as payroll, benefits, performance management or hiring.

Key objectives of digitization:

  • Automation of repetitive processes and reduce time spent on manual or transactional tasks
  • Teams can focus on strategic activities that are key to the business
  • Improved employee experience that can help to attract and retain talent


How digitization has changed the relationship with the customer

We could say that digitization has caused us to get to know our customers better and to have to give clearer and more specific messages to them.

Customers increasingly not only have more information, but also higher quality information. This enables them to make decisions far more quickly. In addition, they can access Cloud systems and solutions that previously were very expensive and available only to a select few.

This means service providers like us must promote new communication channels and find new ways to be close to customers. Nowadays, it is not enough to simply have a high-quality product or service you need the full package.

We focus on improving customer experience by being proactive and anticipating their needs. We therefore provide immediate, tangible value with a personalized experience that helps them make the best decisions.

The situation we have experienced with the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this transformation.

Above all, the benefits of technological solutions that provide flexibility as well as maintaining productivity are self-evident.

The future customer relationship

Digitization means we can have a much stronger customer relationship. Customers look for partners who support them throughout their transformation strategy and who can provide them with the value and experience necessary to ensure the success of the process.

And we must demonstrate to our clients every day the benefit of working with us. Be it a small collaboration or a complete outsourcing of HR services.

It’s not only about having a great solution or a differentiated product anymore. Customers expect much more. However, we have to really know them and listen to their needs in order to provide a tailored service.

We have passion for what we do

I believe that a fundamental aspect of our success is to work exclusively in HR. Consequently, this means we have deep knowledge of the environment and the sector.

Another point of difference is our commitment to innovation and technology. We have always placed technology at the center, where all services and solutions pivot around.

Solutions for Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, automation and robotics are our bread and butter that can offer a strategic advantage.

We invest significantly in innovation every year through our NGA HR Innovation Hub. This center located in Granada, Spain works as an incubator for ideas. Our expert teams carry out tests and develop solutions in areas such as Artificial Intelligence or chatbots.

This combination of innovation, continuous development together with HR experience, therefore give our clients the maximum benefit. They are values ​​that differentiate us from the competition and makes us the standard bearer in the market.

Juan López – Digital HR Services Director – Client Service Management