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Supporting the Queen of Peace in Brazil

Every week, NGA HR has a community project in at least one of our offices. This week it was the turn of our Brazilian colleagues.

October 12 in Brazil is a public holiday. Officially, the day of Holy Mary, it is also known as the “Children’s day.”

Over the past few months, the team has collected toys (new and nearly new) and delivered these to Rainha Da Paz (Queen of Peace) (www.abcrainhadapaz.org.br) a children’s charity. Whilst it was just a small gesture from us, the joy and educational advantage these toys offer to these children is huge.

NGA HR is proud to be the employer of so many generous people who give their time and skills to those less fortunate in each of the countries and regional locations we have offices.

About Rainha da Paz Rainha da Paz

The mission of this charity organisation is to welcome, rehabilitate, improve the quality of life, and to rescue the citizenship and dignity of children and adolescents and their families living with multiple disabilities.

It provides treatments and follow-ups in various therapeutic areas, activities and social programs and directed workshops.

Over 300 families are supported by the organisations. It is currently findraising to extend its support services. The new wing, located next to the institution, will have:

  • Medical outpatient clinic and cytogenetic laboratory to expedite referrals
  • New service rooms for the organization of activities by age group
  • Eight temporary chelter apartments for families of the João-de-Barro project or at risk
  • New spaces therapies
  • Space for sports activities
  • Vocational workshops for adolescents
  • Projects involving siblings of children served by the community


You can find out more about the charity here: www.abcrainhadapaz.org.br

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