Sowing the seeds for HR Success

The spring traditionally marks the start of new beginnings.

While we realize that it’s not springtime around the world, the opportunity to plant the seeds of digital HR success are as ripe wherever you’re located.

It is for this reason that we’re bringing the workplace of the future to several US and European cities so you can learn about the HR process innovations that will help you take your next steps towards digital business transformation.

global roadshow


In little more than 200 minutes, you will walk away with:

1) Unique view of digital transformation and how this could shape the future of work in your organization

2) Real-world insights from your contemporaries on how they’re winning with digital HR and how you could be too

3) Understanding of how you can quickly and successfully bridge the gaps between the old and new HR worlds with extension Apps (XtendHR) and interfaces (SAP Fiori)

We’re taking to the road, air and sea so you can take an easier journey to the future of HR!

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