SAP places NGA at the pinnacle of digital HR development

NGA Human Resources was selected as an SAP Pinnacle Awards 2016 Finalist in the Application Development Partner of the Year category.

This places us is in a very select group. In fact, we’re one of 35 out of the thousands of organizations across SAP’s partner ecosystem to achieve this status.

SAP Pinnacle Awards Finalist status

Clearly, the SAP Pinnacle Awards Finalist status is not easily won. It’s awarded based on criteria including field recommendations, customer feedback and performance indicators laid out by SAP. What must Partners do to receive this honor? Make a big impression!

In partnership with SAP,  we deliver added value to the users of its platforms. Specifically, we provide services and applications to support SAP’s core HR cloud platform, SuccessFactors.

NGA is recognized to be driving digital HR success

NGA is recognized as a Finalist in SAP’s Pinnacle Application Development Partner of the Year category. This further reflects the difference that NGA makes in the world of digital HR with our SuccessFactors solution offerings.

HfS recently placed us in the “As-A-Service Winner’s Circle” for SuccessFactors innovation and end-to-end delivery capabilities.  In addition, we recorded a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +37 and 80% customer satisfaction in our 2015 CSat Survey. The SAP and HfS recognitions, and the feedback from our customers, all point to success. This recognition highlights NGA’s understanding and rapid response to the evolving HR needs of customers across all market sectors.

Digital HR paves way to future

We respect that on-premise solutions are still right for many businesses. Yet the industry, our partners and our customers are telling us that we are right to push forward. Each advancement is the development of a modern, market leading Digital HR experience for our customers. In fact, it is the path to the future.

We listen and learn

NGA put its long-term HR technology and market expertise into designing, building and managing HR applications. These tools extend SAP’s core features and functionality. We listen to our customers and their users to understand the needs. By doing so, we respond with solutions that matter most. Our innovation receives positive reactions. However,  we will not rest on these recent accolades.

Advancing digital HR

Instead, we choose to use our finalist status as impetus to further develop our SAP extension portfolio. These actions contribute to progress in the industry. We continue to expand and integrate a rich variety of digital HR applications.

In a nutshell, NGA makes digital HR easier to use. These applications provide the technology that organizations need to deliver advanced, reliable and industry-leading HR and payroll services. In addition, they increase employee engagement to ensure improved experiences.

This recognition from SAP and our continued partnership affords us the opportunity to deliver a truly modern digital HR experience to organizations around the world.