Outsourcing: Frees up your resources to be more strategic

Why is payroll outsourcing a good idea?

The outsourcing of personnel services and payroll administration can be defined as the performance of payroll tasks and management of personnel by a third party. This is in order to relieve workload of human resources and use internal resources more efficiently.

It is true that over time, this type of service has changed greatly. It has been evolving and modernizing to such an extent, that now it’s possible to carry out tasks and procedures that were unthinkable a few years ago.

In the past, these types of services were far more rigid. There was not the automation technology we have today.

Nowadays outsourcing is extremely flexible. Using next-generation cloud technology and artificial intelligence means tasks can be automated and be more efficient.

On the one hand, flexibility allows you to select exactly what jobs to outsource. These can range from inputting workers’ data (registrations, cancellations, changes etc.) through to payroll calculations.

On the other hand, it means you can improve management processes. That is because we have experts who specialize in this type of services and technology and can significantly improve a company’s management processes. Or, at the very least fine-tune them.

Company Expansion

Today, it is essential to have a management model that can easily adapt to the needs of the business. Companies grow, shrink, merge, demerge or expand into other countries. So you need a flexible payroll service to support your business.

Being adaptable to business needs is paramount for companies to prosper. If we take a large company for example. If they decided to expand into new markets, they not only had to adjust many of their processes, but also hire new employees in these new countries.

This implies a change in the way of outsourcing payroll services. Up until the expansion they were pretty standard and managed locally. So it is a big change to move to a multi-country payroll service with global management.

Through outsourcing, multinationals are able to focus on more strategic tasks that add much more value to their business.

They rely on experts to ensure compliance with current local labor laws in the countries they operate in. And to reduce operational costs, they have access to quality information that means they can be far more analytical in their decision making.

What do I need to consider when choosing an outsourcing service?

Before outsourcing payroll services, a company must analyze its current situation and what it needs in order to find the most appropriate solution. Each company is different and has specific needs according to their industry, geography and the specific characteristics of their business.

After the analysis and the decision to outsource is made, a review of the company’s management processes must be done also as part of the organization change management.

It is better to not just implement a new payroll management service and continue doing things the same way as previously. We must take advantage of the transition to adapt, improve or fine-tune Human Resources management processes.

This is why it is important to have change management experts like ourselves working with your company and of course that there is mutual trust between us. For the project to prosper, trust is vital to prevent the fear of losing control by outsourcing a service.

Our current technology has quality controls and audits done regularly. This ensures our clients have trust in us and are still in control.

Javier Casta,
Business Development Manager