NGA takes HR departments a step closer to the ubiquitous digital HR world

Earlier this week, our Digital HR team was honored at the SAP SAPPHIRE event as one of just 10 global SAP partners. Also, NGA was named the only specialist HR solution provider driving the HANA Cloud Platform Extension revolution.

HANA Cloud Platform is one of SAPs new competitive offerings. Using HANA, cloud application development is more faster and less complex. To accelerate the process, and minimize the cost for its customers, NGA is using HANA to build extensions to SuccessFactors.

The HCP license is bundled with our HR Cloud Accelerators. This bundle gives users full advantage of the functionality and speed of Hana Cloud applications, but without the technology platform investment. And best of all, there’s no learning curve to use and integrate it.

NGA’s ePaSS HCP offering allows customers to embrace extensions and the power of Hana immediately for SuccessFactors. Next, they can extend this to other third-party applications while they are moving their landscape to the SAP cloud.

NGA is pioneering HANA extensions

NGA has been leading from the start. We were the first specialist solution provider to publish a HANA app on the SAP APP Store – NGA HR Cloud Accelerator for EmployeeCentral.

Demand for HR Cloud Accelerators is building up. NGA customers highlight obvious extension requirements, with a focus on industry specific and third-party extensibility within SuccessFactors.

By listening to our customers and leveraging our investment in extension building expertise, we’re poised to drive digital HR success for companies through the development and delivery of our HR Cloud Accelerators.

With certainty, this demand for cloud extensions indicates that the journey to Digital HR is speeding up quickly.

What puts NGA in such a strong position to drive this promotion of HANA?

We’re leading the development of extension apps for SuccessFactors. We combine a deep understanding of the tools customers need to deliver highly effective HR services. Also we bring expertise using the most modern approaches SAP has available.

We’ve already shared the journey to digital HR transformation with hundreds of businesses around the world. We’re looking forward to traveling with many more. We’ll develop more extensions on HANA to make this journey. As a result, we’ll deliver the business impact and modern user experience.

SAP used its annual SAPPHIRE event to launch a customer promotion for businesses looking for faster, better and easier apps.