NGA HR sets benchmark for client satisfaction in digital HR

The 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSat) results for NGA Digital HR Services have been analyzed.  Results proved positive with an  overall satisfaction rate above 80% and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +37. These scores far surpass the average NPS of comparable professional services organizations.

“NGA HR is our benchmark provider for any future HR projects.”
-NGA HR services client in Spain

Both the CSat results and the NPS are significant. It’s clear, these scores demonstrate the continuous commitment of our global HR Consulting and Applications Management teams. They strive for customer service excellence.

To add further to this, our customer satisfaction reflected excellence at each stage of our client’s HR lifecycle – from initial consultation and design, through to a fully managed digital HR infrastructure.

NGA HR ’s positive CSAT results tell us that the majority of our clients are happy

Happy because we take the time to understand their HR needs and / or aspirations and then apply the best technology and services, not only meet their short and long-term goals. For example, our service paves the way for operational and cost savings in the future, whether on-premise, in the cloud or a combination of both.

As a result, our HR Consulting teams have successfully implemented and supported hundreds of HR cloud, on-premise and hybrid solutions, and integrated these into a wide range of backend systems.

When asked to highlight the predominant strengths of NGA’s expert teams, customers’ most common responses were; “professional”, “competent”, “experienced” and “knowledgeable.”

CSAT Results at a Glance

  • Over 90% of our global client base say their “delivery expectations are met” throughout their relationship with NGA HR, whether a project or ongoing managed services.
  • 94% are “satisfied with their project management teams.”
  • 8 out of 10 would “expand their services” with NGA HR, based on their experiences.
  • 81% reported absolute satisfaction

Customers tell us…

“Extremely satisfied with 2015 projects and service delivered. We have availability of the right people and skills, driven by an effective project manager who is capable of understanding the customer needs as their own.”
Leading global operator of food and beverage services for travelers

“Pleased with the service consulting received; response times, provides solution, etc.”
Leading hardware supplier for furnishing solutions

“Quality is really high in all fields, especially in tech and functional aspects.”
Provider of residential, commercial and industrial electricity services in Italy

“Quality of support is evident in problem solving and specific advice.”
Global Auto Manufacturer

The fact that so many of our clients, 75% took the time to respond positively to the survey, in itself proves a strong commitment and loyalty to the services provided by our digital HR teams.

We recognize areas for growth and development as well

It’s often only the dissatisfied who step up to voice an opinion. However, in this case we have received primarily positive feedback. Still, we equally respect and listen to those customers who provide feedback on areas for improvement.

The CSAT and NPS results speak for themselves. They are validation that NGA is a high quality, proven HR technology partner.

We pledge to remain in this position of high customer satisfaction and loyalty. To maintain this status, we’ll continue to invest in the training and development of our HR consulting and application management teams. Furthermore, we’ll drive innovation through extensions, integration connectors and other cloud based functionality.

At the same time, we’ll fortify our partnerships with the world’s best technology vendors including SAP and Workday. This is accomplised as we continue to design, build and manage HR solutions that drive success for our clients around the world.

According to HfS, we’re already doing a good job: Last month, NGA was recognized in the HfS “As-A-Service Winner’s Circle” for SuccessFactors innovation and end-to-end delivery capabilities.

We are extremely proud of the lengths our teams go to to make customers happy. After all, each success makes NGA HR ‘a go to’ partner for digital HR technology consultancy and application management.