Does your HR infrastructure support your business strategy?

by Mike Eralie

There is one certainty we can’t ignore as we move into the new year- change. The digital future is already here. The strengthening online economy. HR and payroll moving to cloud. Service automation, and our own expectations as employees are dictating the modernization of workforce and people processes. Consequently, your challenge is likely to be convincing key stakeholders that you need to change.

As your business grows so too will the demands on your people, processes and systems. Often, when I talk to companies they mention that their current provider has not focused enough on innovating services. As a result, efficiency and the employee experience has been left behind.

However, I’m not here to scare you. I have solutions!

There are two standard approaches to ensuring your workforce interactions support your future business strategy.

  1. Invest heavily in the people and infrastructure you need to design, build and future-proof this in-house. Fine if you have huge budgets and plenty of time and dedicated resource, centrally and in each country location.
  2. Take your HR and payroll journey to the experts. Organizations like NGA HR have made, and continue to make, the people, skills and technology investments for you.

Personally, I believe option two makes the most sense.

Moving HR and payroll to the Cloud supports the achievement of business objectives

The function of the cloud is to work; to enable process improvements and to support employee transactions to happen. That’s it. It is the engine to your car.

The as-a-service economy is fast maturing. Therefore we expect a major acceleration in the buying-in of any services and processes that are not directly client supporting and revenue generating.

For example HR processes, payroll, the administration of talent and L&D are all ideal to be delivered as-a-service.

Your teams always have access to the latest technologies, services and skills without removing their focus from achieving their personal and your businesses objectives. It’s our job to ensure the technology, processes and services are delivered – seamlessly.

Automating efficiency

Automation, including Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, are all driving efficiency in HR and payroll processes. For years, we’ve invested heavily in the R&D of these tools to ensure that the services we deliver to you are always the most advanced.

Beyond recognizing that people in the future won’t want to do these repetitive, error prone tasks, robots work around the clock and don’t take holidays. How great is this?

They can also process tickets extremely fast and accurately, delivering responses to HR tickets at the speed expected by us all in the digital world.

To be effective in the digital world you must not only deliver a consumer-like experience to employees, but you have to be agile; able to respond fast to change, any change, and be timely and effective with your solutions.

These might be process, technology or even cultural. The only way to do this with certainty is to reduce the complexity of your business architecture. To remove all potential bottlenecks and to automate processes where possible.

In conclusion, my advice to you is to lay the foundations your business will need to thrive in the 21st century economy. We can help you to do this. Contact us to find out how.