HR and payroll innovation drives business success

by Jonan Bosschaerts

Innovating for the future of work never stops

It’s no secret that HR is experiencing massive disruption, largely due to the consumerization of technology. This has fundamentally changed us people. The digital experiences most of us have, has made us intolerant of unnecessarily lethargic processes.

This same technology has shrunk the world. Many of our clients have had to change their business models. This is to cover a larger footprint to secure the profits and skills needed to maintain operational success.

This often means reducing headcount in one location, moving staff to another and recruiting in many more. This results in highly complex workforce and business structures. It is made more so when growth has evolved from a merger or acquisition of other businesses.

Address the complexity

It is this complexity that the innovation team at NGA HR addresses. In each NGA HR Innovation Hub around the world we experiment with the latest technologies. We test how these can be integrated into the HR and payroll services and solutions we offer both now and in the future.

2019 will see many of the technologies we’ve literally taken from the realms of science fiction into science fact. They make HR easy to manage with integrated tools driving efficiency of data. This is in addition to providing analytics and artificial intelligence for HR departments.

To date, much of the output is visible to users. It responds to the challenges our clients face day-to-day. These innovations ‘simply’ deliver the increased performance, maximized efficiency and compliance needed to run a tight ship. Each is a breakthrough in the use and application of technology in HR and payroll process. There is a great deal of excitement in our teams about these.

However, in the next year there are several higher profile innovation breakthroughs we are moving from lab, through test and into the commercial world. We’ll be making a lot more noise about these because potentially, they’re game changers for international businesses.

Watch this space for news on our solutions for HR data analytics and the application of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain into live HR and payroll scenarios and the advancement of touchless payroll to our services portfolio. In the meantime, here are some sneak previews.

Innovation using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

Once very much in the realm of film scripts, we’re already using artificial intelligence and machine learning in our own client BPO payroll services for automatic HR ticket allocation. This makes the process much faster than manual processing, with the added benefit of operating 24 hours and day and never needing to take a break!

Employees love the fast request resolution this enables which will get faster the more the Bot learns to spot patterns and predict outcomes and, of course, as technology advances.

Multi-lingual Bots

Currently NGA HR’s Bots ‘speak’ five languages and we’re working to extend the range of the Bots so they’re smart enough to extract requests specific to individual employees. This is still a way off, as too is completely replacing agents with pure technology.

Job roles will change as we move into the future and Bots will step into some transactional roles, this is certain, but it will also become instrumental to find the human skills needed to take on the new jobs that will be created, including managing the robots.

AI is perfect for talent management. It can scan gigabytes of data in minutes to match existing employees to job openings and to understand where training is needed to ensure the organization’s talent pool is populated and continues to evolve to produce the next generation workforce needed by business as we move through the future.

Blockchain reality

We’re now moving beyond the initial evaluation of blockchain at NGA HR, into the first stages of product development. We see huge potential for the technology in anything transactional in HR and payroll processes.

My colleague, Anita Lettink has written a series of blogs on the likely applications, which is well worth reading. I am looking forward to sharing with you the outcomes of the project we’re embarking on in early 2019. Stay tuned!

Making sense of HR analytics

In the next year, you will see the first of our HR and payroll analytics solutions being set-up in client organizations. We’re currently completing an advanced HR analytics pilot program and the results speak for themselves. By pulling all your employee and workforce data into a single store and analyzing this you can make better and faster decisions. You can turn data into insights that drive actions and then measure these, keeping every member in the boardroom happy.

The solutions we’re developing at NGA HR will remove many of the barriers that are stopping more businesses from drawing this free and very accurate business intelligence from currently dead data. For some reason, many have been slow to take up the analytics options in commercial HRIS solutions, so we’re also working with our technology partners to simplify the integration of these. Again, these will be available in the coming months.

This is just the slightest look into the work of the NGA HR Innovation Hubs and teams around the world. 2019 promises extremely exciting times.