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HR Trends in 2021 – Your guide to HR self-service

2020 taught us a lot about ‘getting on with the job’. Employees around the globe demonstrated they can be self-sufficient when given the right tools like HR self-service. In addition, companies with cloud-platforms were better positioned to pivot to a new operational model at the point of crisis.

Here are the top 10 benefits of HR self-service:

  1. Enables data-driven business decisions
  2. Reduces time and cost of HR administration (Self-service and automation cut repetitive tasks)
  3. Improved performance (employees in control of work life and career development)
  4. Rapid response to HR queries via self-service or chatbot
  5. 24/7 access to HR systems
  6. All employees have a consistent HR experience
  7. Improved communication and engagement
  8. Time and costs of hiring and onboarding employees can be reduced
  9. More sustainable as electronic and paperless
  10. Improved reporting due to more accurate and secure data

The Age of Agile HR report, published at the head of the global workplace shutdown, compiled the feedback of CHROs and HR professionals around the world. Consequently, this highlighted the need for high functioning HR systems; digital systems easily accessible by employees from anywhere.

However, key to this was the ability for employees to access self-service HR functions such as logging sick and exceptional leaves, shift availability, submitting timesheets and access to company updates and changes to policies.

As a result this access provided HR business partners with the ability to provide decision makers with accurate and accurate employee status reports. Those organizations able to redistribute employees where needed could keep operations as profitable as possible.

Furthermore, managers in these organizations could keep communications and engagement going while face-to-face interactions were not possible. In conclusion proving the business case for HR self-service is simple.

Finally, our whitepaper HR trends in 2021 – Your guide to HR self-service, has been put together to help you and other HR leaders build the business case for digital HR and importantly, self-service HR in your organization.