Design Thinking Innovation

HR Innovation Doesn’t Happen by Accident – it Happens by Design

CA Technologies Creates a Better Employee Experience

The 2018 NGA HR Innovation Tour stopped in New York this week where we held our first customer design thinking workshop with CA Technologies. Together, we visualized different avenues for a better employee experience, creating two prototypes: “InstaLetter” and “Jess Unlimited“. To experience our collaborative innovation workshop, do take a moment out to watch this video recording of the session:

Are you ready to take the Employee Experience Challenge?

If you are or think you might be ready to enhance your organization’s employee experience, do drop me an email and together, we can take the next steps to a more productive employee experience, leveraging Design Thinking practices. Together, we can shape the next generation HR Operating model.


Design Thinking Workshop Agenda

  • Current state of innovation at NGA HR
  • Presentation on Key Tools used in DT
    • Phase 1: understanding the environment.
    • Phase 2: definition and redefinition of the problem.
    • Phase 3: idea generation techniques: mind mapping, journey mapping,
    • Phase 4: experimentation/prototyping/minimal viable product/service
    • Phase 5: validation with users, learning launches, story telling
    • Design Thinking application examples.
  • Formation of subgroups
    • Methodology guide
    • Concrete business/design challenge(s) explained
  • Execute design challenge (small group activity)
  • Group Learnings and Next Steps

“Effective innovation doesn’t happen by accident – it happens by design!”