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How is NGA HR Disrupting Tech for Britain with Chatbots?

Live from Tech for Britain 2018, American Square London – 7th June 2018.

Amit Soni, Director at NGA Human Resources discusses disruptive technologies and talks about real use case examples of the ‘Journey to the HR Cloud’ with interview host, Matt Lovell, COO of Centiq.

Follow this link to view the interview and to understand more about;

  • Machine learning, artificial intelligence and chatbots in HR and payroll processes – and the value of these disruptive technologies in the HR space
  • Real customer challenges around productivity, compliance, integrations and employee experiences by using HR tech to replace admin with high-touch employee engagement
  • SAP Cloud platform and how this addresses customer challenges and strategical needs without disturbing the core HR systems
  • Onboarding new employees in less than 10 minutes with the NGA Fast Hire App. Retailers, casual dining outlets and other high staff turnover businesses across Europe are really interested in this
  • Humanising chatbots!
  • How we, NGA HR, process more than 5 million tickets a year in our own BPO payroll business and why machine learning is fast tracking the resolution processes

Tech for Britain showcases the best and brightest of technology entrepreneurs, tech execs and the talents behind the industry.

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