How Digital is the Workplace in Europe?

This was the question I answered earlier this month for the Global Payroll Association (GPA) for an article on the readiness of workplaces to support the needs and expectations of businesses and workforces moving forward.

The straight answer is…

“If businesses are to succeed in the new digital economy, digitising their HR processes will prove vital.”

Going down this route will undoubtedly be testing, often because businesses are unsure what it actually means and what it will take to get their workplace ready for a workforce that no longer sees technology as technology.

What do we mean by digital workplace?

The workplace of the future, and there are a growing number already close, is an environment – fixed, virtual or hybrid – that provides us with the user experience we typically experience at home.

This means fast access from any device, in any location, whenever we want. Single sign-on, one click applications and processes.

Within 10 years, BYOD will have become BYOW – bring your own workplace

In parallel,  over half of all process and analytical jobs in the world are likely to haven been displaced by technology.

Read the full article to find answers to;

1.    How do we get to this?

2.    How do we capitalize on this?

3.    And where is tech leading the Future of Work?

And these are just three of the $ million questions many of us have.