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Hack the Future of Global Payroll with Artificial Intelligence

At NGA HR, we’re always looking to the future. The next generation of HR and payroll solutions are taking the workplace in a new direction, one that will put people data and the intelligence, triaged and analysed from this, at the centre of overall business decision making.

Hack to the future

In the name of innovation, last week NGA Analytics team, based in our Innovation Hub in Granada (Spain), took part in #HackWeek2018. What looked like, and was seriously good fun, also has very serious business objectives.

The NGA Analytics team, with the addition of our talented group of University of Granada interns.

Various NGA HR employees, ranging from UX specialist and engineering managers to client-facing employees, lent their experience to provide early feedback in our innovations. Follow-ups are already scheduled!

Early adopter feedback

The team is working on Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). These are small apps that show the potential and provide a vision that users can test.

MVPs allow us to get early adopter feedback from internal and external clients before spending time and money developing full-scale analytics apps.

Using the Build-Measure-Learn cycle means we can keep effort and development time to a minimum with maximum result.

Fail fast and pivot

This “fail fast and pivot” approach is also fun for the team because it breaks the daily routine.

Throughout the hack, client facing colleagues joined us in the hack room to provide real-time guidance against the needs of HR and payroll professionals. This enabled us to pivot even during the hack and create some great outcomes.

Payroll on your Apple Watch

Perhaps the greatest excitement of all has been the creation of MVPs that can be used even on an Apple Watch! This really is an innovation step for payroll managers and a glance at how we’ll all be working on mobile devices in the not so distant future.
Putting AI to work: Make HR work “smarter”

Amazing new features, based on Artificial Intelligence, were also included to demonstrate the possibilities and stimulate creativity in the imaginations of end-users who will hopefully say:

“I had no idea we could do this, what else can we do? Can we solve this challenge? Save this time? Do this better? Create this report?”

Prashant Patel, Programme Manager at NGA Analytics, shared his thoughts on the hack:

“We brought Agile practices to life by working towards a unified goal for the week. Our goal was to create an advanced analytics dashboard using the payroll data assets of NGA HR.

Instead of digital project management tools, we used sticky notes, coloured markers and whiteboard to really boost our development spirit!  

Having client-facing NGA HR colleagues join us to share real client needs, vision or UX best practice, was extremely valuable, but it was also an excellent way to expose the development work in data analytics and Artificial Intelligence that NGA HR and NGA Analytics are pioneering to the rest of our colleagues.”  

Hackathons stimulate creative thinking

They also foster collaboration and engagement, and they drive customer-centric innovation.

For the established members of the team, the payroll innovation hackathon has been a great way to test boundaries it what we thought was personally and technically possible.

For the University interns, it’s a chance to prove to themselves that anything can be possible!

This is such an exciting time to be working in HR and payroll services and solution delivery.

Celso Evandro de Jesus, one of our interns from University of Granada said;

“It is projects like these that make my internship at NGA HR so great. This hackathon allowed great interaction and exchange of experiences. Being in a room and focusing on solving specific problems fast enabled us to overcome issues that would have taken a long time as individuals. 

It has been a very positive experience for me and I learned so much from this hands-on experience!”