Get your people ready for the post-Brexit world

It is time to bring some clarity for HR and payroll leaders, now that prolonged and complex negotiations over the future relationship between the UK and the EU have been resolved. The debate may be over, but now businesses must deal with the realities of the post-Brexit trading environment.

Now that a UK-EU trade deal has been agreed, there are many things we can say about what 2021 holds for the UK-EU relationship. Therefore, we hope and believe you will find The UK and EU in 2021” a useful and practical guide for helping your organisation to thrive in the post-Brexit world.

Even with a deal, there will be adverse economic consequences for businesses that are unprepared for the new trading relationship. And it is true to say that in 2020, the focus for many businesses has been on COVID-19.

The pandemic has robbed many businesses of the bandwidth and resources to think, let alone act, to get ready for the post-Brexit world. And our view is that businesses need to make up time NOW to understand and act accordingly.

We have over 50 years of experience in HR consulting, outsourcing and technology. It is in our DNA at Alight | NGA HR to help customers make pragmatic preparations in the face of uncertainty.

Business focus post-Brexit

And in our view business preparations and contingencies are needed in four areas:

  • At the border. UK firms trading with the EU face a lot more paperwork and higher costs.
  • Living and Working. UK staff moving to the EU to work and live (and vice-versa) will not be automatically allowed to do so. Business trips will need more planning.
  • Other HR employment issues. There are many other employment impacts to watch out for across the employee life cycle, from recruitment to redundancy.
  • Employment law. HR needs to stay on top in areas where legal divergence is most likely to emerge over time.

The UK-EU trade deal is good news. But there is still so much to do, for the benefit and protection of your organisation and its people. In addition, we hope you find The UK and EU in 2021” an important resource to help you get there.

Download our new Alight | NGA HR paper “The UK and EU in 2021: Everything you need to know” here