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Focus on Future of Work at HR Tech London

The theme of HR Tech London at the end of this month is the ‘Future of Work’, a common theme.

It’s common, because there is unlikely to be a people employer in the world that’s not aware that we’re fast approaching a workplace and a workforce that doesn’t see technology as technology.

Is your business fit for the future of work?

The workplace of the future (and there are a growing number already close) is an environment – fixed, virtual or hybrid – that makes it easy for us to perform well.

Within 10 years, it is said, over half of the office occupations in the world will be displaced by technology.

The organizers of HR Tech pose some interesting questions:

1.    How do we manage this?
2.    How do we capitalize on this?
3.    And where is tech leading the Future of Work?

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With so many challenges ahead including the unknowns of Brexit, we’ll be at HR Tech in London to help you navigate the positive changes and the possibilities that are within your reach by marrying HR and tech.

I don’t think I can ever remember a time that has been more challenging for businesses, whether cutting costs or increasing efficiencies or the need to capture new markets due to competitive pressures.

The need to attract and retain the best talent fit for the future of your business has never been greater. At NGA HR we are passionate about helping clients address these challenges

I look forward to meeting you at HR Tech with the rest of NGA HR’s Digital HR team.

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Tickets: http://hrtechcongress.com/london/tickets  HR Tech World London. ExCel London, 21 & 22 March 2017