Extend your journey to high-performance HR

by Michael Custers

We’ve invested in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform technology, and the technical experts to design, build and deliver the Cloud Extension Apps, so you don’t have to.

With no capital investment, businesses can benefit immediately from smart, real-time Apps that will transform a standard HCM platform including SAP SuccessFactors EmployeeCentral into a high-performance workforce management engine.

We’re launching two new Apps at SuccessConnect Europe at the end of the month, and continue to design and build our pipeline of 50, in addition to commissioned bespoke Apps.

NGA Case Management Central Extension App

Simultaneously integrates data from Employee Central (or other standard HCM) with any HR case management solution. HR tickets are presented in a single inbox.

Of equal benefit to the business and employee, this central view of HR tickets and case history will immediately reduce the number of queries and expedite the resolution of those remaining.


• Integrated core HR & service delivery
• Single view of HR ticket & case management processes
• Direct communication with HR service centre
• Fast closure of high volumes of HR/IT-related issues
• Rationalized processes and costs
• Modern user experience
• Designed for smartphones and tablets

View this video for a walk-through of the App.