Employees engage better in a digital HR environment

by Michael Custers

Last month, our SuccessFactors experts in Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, hosted a series of events across Europe for HR professionals looking to start or accelerate their journey to HR in the Cloud. The general consensus across Europe is that ‘employees engage better in a digital HR environment’.

The business case for moving HR to the cloud is becoming ever clearer

Over the last five years, cloud technology has transformed HR perhaps more – and more rapidly – than any other business area.

More and more businesses are buying into the opportunity to move from a transaction-based to a more strategic discipline that creates value for its stakeholders and frees up the HR professionals to be strategically people-focused. When asked what was needed to convince budget holders, delegates agreed that they need HR applications that deliver change and value, both to the organization and the employees.

“I look forward to further experiences with other companies at the next NGA event. This is very helpful for the successful implementation of theproject.”
Ja Mau, Director Corporate HR Compensation & Planning – Lekkerland AG & Co. KG.

Those already involved in cloud HR projects reported that they had seen digital HR creating opportunities for employees and their business faster than they had thought possible. Opportunities like driving employee engagement and making strategic HR processes more effective and efficient. To make a digital HR project a success, participants agreed that all project stages – design, build, management and maintenance – are equally critical and should be executed in line with their business. For one this could be a major lift-and-shift, for the other against business requirements and budgets.

Road to HR Success

By the end of each country roadshow, all participants had a better understanding of the different stages to tackle for HR success in the cloud, and how each of these fit together. For most, it had become clear that the transition is a much less ominous process and return on investment can be achieved quickly. This is high on all organizations’ agendas as most are still operating in financially austere times.

Client testimonials

“I came with the expectation that it would be a purely promotional event for NGA, but I was pleasantly surprised. There was a lively exchange amongst the participants and many insights into practice in different companies.”
Dr. Sven Bornemann, Head of HR Business Support, HSBC Germany.

“The selection of participants and the consideration of topics from different angles was very good. The discussion atmosphere pleased me very well.”
Lagoro Odida, HR Systems and Performance Manager.