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Co-create the Future in an NGA HR Innovation Hub

To be great in the digital world we all need to learn a new way of thinking.

NGA HR Innovation Hub

No longer should we focus purely on the now, but also at the how we want to be working in the future, what we would like the workplace experience of the future to be – and to start planning and building it.

As the workforce of today, we are also the workforce of tomorrow and so there are no people better qualified than us, and this includes you, to design think the future of work.

It’s for this reason that we’ve opened the first three of a global network of NGA HR Innovation Hubs and they are just this, hubs, local centres of activity, globally connected.

Take a look at our NGA Innovation Hub website and a enjoy virtual tour of the NGA HR Granada Innovation Hub here.

Get ready to be blown away…. The future of HR is happening right here, right now!

From idea to infinity

When discussing the concept of the Innovation Hubs with Johan Bosschaerts, SVP Technology Innovation and Solutions at NGA Human Resources, he said;

“We are not predicting the future in our HR Innovation Hubs, we’re innovating it. We’re helping organisations to reshape their workplace and workforce models, so they can maximise the experiences and outcomes of their employees.

As with all innovation at NGA HR, we work with clients and industry advisors to understand exactly the challenges and opportunities faced and then apply our own intelligence, innovation and expertise to deliver solutions that will maximise employee engagement, garner loyalty, increase efficiency and performance and therefore, profitability.

The Innovation Hubs will, increasingly, innovate solutions to challenges before clients even know something might be an issue. This is what excites us so much. We’re are innovating great outcomes ahead of the future,” concluded Johan.

Innovation Hubs are where we go to co-create the future of HR & payroll


The DNA of our HR Innovation Hubs is to move ideas very quickly into prototypes and then develop and scale into minimal viable products (MVP), combining new technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and analytics with our own R&D.

The realistic concepts become pilots – see “People Analytics test pilots” below.

Much of what we’re looking to do is expediate automation and redesign processes to introduce channels of choice for the employee and to embed user experiences where it makes most practical, not what is most convenient from a technology perspective.

The nature of how we work has been redefined by technology, a rapidly changing workforce dynamic and the determination of people to be recognised and rewarded for the work that they do, how and when they choose is increasingly the status quo.

We’re responding to this by redefining the way that organisations work manage and engage with their workforces to enable the best outcomes now, and for future generations at work.

Design thinking makes everything possible

Design Thinking

Already, we have completed successful design thinking workshops to move clients from “nice to have, to going to have HR solutions”.

The challenge for the CA TechnologiesDesign Thinking Workshop was to address; ‘How the People Operations team can improve the employee experience through technology, systems and processes.’

You can watch the highlights here, and read about some of the outcomes in this blog:

HR Innovation Doesn’t Happen by Accident – it Happens by Design.


People Analytics test pilots

Next month, we’re starting an HR data analytics pilot with three clients. Many of the components of the pilot solution stem from a hackathon and have been commercialized.

You can read about this hackathon in the blog: Hack to the Future of Global Payroll Analytics with Artificial Intelligence.

And, watch this space on the NGA HR Innovation Hub website for the outcomes of this pilot and of other future concept projects coming soon.

Old school Human2Human interaction

Like a virtual collaboration tool, the HR Innovation Hubs are always on and we welcome clients, prospects and the wider HR and payroll community to share our resources and add to our ideas boards, workshops and sessions.

Feedback from NGA HR clients who have already visited one of our Hubs is always positive. All are inspired by the energy generated. They also love the fact that we have interns and visiting academics in the Innovation Hubs, bringing in fresh ideas from current research and student thesis’s.

Local collaboration. Global exchange. Out of the world potential for all

global exchange

One of the great enablers of cloud technology is the means to collaborate online, away from the restrictions of time zones and distance. However, technology cannot mimic human to human interaction.

When we polled our own employees and a group of clients, the majority said they do miss old school collaboration and welcomed the idea of physical Hubs, and so the global network of local hubs came into being.

Already, colleagues say the hubs are great, not only for continuous learning, but for access to mentors otherwise they might never have met, enhancing both technical and business skills.

Collaboration between the Hubs is also greatly encouraged.

Raghu Ram, Site Lead in Hyderabad thinks this is vital;

“It’s easy for local teams to brainstorm ideas, but it is also very important to share the ideas to extend the thinking and expertise and to ensure that we’re not reinventing. The more we collaborate – internally and externally with clients and the wider industry – the better the outcome will be for all.”

Inspiring the future workforce

future workforce

The Hubs are not just about innovating technology, but inspiring people too.

The HR and payroll talent we have in NGA HR cannot be matched and we compliment this with our partnership with the University of Granada.

There are no people better to improve client’s HR and payroll processing than those who live and breathe it.

For some, working with a wider group has made them consider a change in career direction. This is an unexpected benefit of the Hubs. It enables us to keep our top talent, whist offering fresh opportunities and continuous learning, as is reflected in our own continuous performance management (CPM) process.

The NGA HR Innovation Hubs provide a “safe place” to release ideas and opinions about the future or work, HR and payroll. In an innovation Hub or design thinking workshop, no one is wrong. No idea is a bad idea.

Joke Peeters, Digital Marketing Manager at NGA HR and one of our Innovation Barristers, recently visited our Innovation Hub in Granada and said,

“Immediately when entering you feel the great atmosphere. These spaces provide a flexible environment that enables NGA HR’s people, clients and partners to work, collaborate and co-create in new ways.

The Innovation Hub website provides clients virtual access to digital and emerging HR & payroll technologies – artificial intelligence, blockchain, HR bots, robotic process automation and the possibility to sign up for a design thinking workshop.”

Come and start to Co-create the Future of HR for your organisation here:

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