Future of work

Chatbots and HR

Of course HR is about Humans, the ‘H’ stands for it. Personal attention and guidance should be the most important assets of an HR organization.

The social aspect of HR is super important: it’s like in a hospital, you do not only want the doctor to check on you but you also want to have a “human “conversation, state you concerns or the doctor could make you feel more comfortable with casual talk. But this social aspect is often missing due to time pressure and money savings.

We also see this in HR, the social aspects get lost because you are too concerned with answering standard processes and questions.

Chatbot replaces humans?

A solution to answering standard questions could be a chatbot. You might think: “but that’s not an actual person, we just talked about that!’’ and you are right.

However, by leaving the standard questions to a chatbot, an HR manager has more time for the human aspects of the job. Now you have time for specific questions and can give that bit of extra human attention to your employees.

Bad chatbots

You are probably already familiar with chatbots, you can find them on several websites. For example, when you are shopping online or booking your next holiday trip.

They are not a new phenomenon, they have been around for some time and they do not have a very good reputation. The first chatbots often didn’t understand your questions very well or gave completely wrong answers.

The latest chatbots are supported by the most recent artificial intelligence technology, a technology that means they learn from their mistakes. Not only do they learn from their mistakes, but they will also remember the user’s preferences like the way your browser or phone is also remembering your preferences.

Chatbots for HR

But for what purposes can you use chatbots in HR? Well, there are many processes you can think of:

  • Recruitment processes, on your website answering candidate questions
  • The onboarding of new employees (add screenshot)
  • Questions on HR services and systems
  • HR to-do-lists, information about vacation days, training, salary, which employees are out of the office, HR analytics and many more
  • Chatbots can be made available on workstations or in the HR system
  • You can use chatbots for different countries, teams and levels

Want to see HR chatbots in action?

We created chatbots for many HR processes. Download our datasheet for more information: