Ask the Expert: What are the risks of moving to the Cloud?

Moving to the Cloud is a mantra that’s been around for years, but there are perceived risks as to why people don’t. We interviewed our very own  N.A. Field Solution Manager, Marcos Suero. He talks about some of the main risks he hears from people in the market.

Top concerns clients raise for not moving include cost, security and reliability. Let’s take a quick look over each of those perceived risk factors of moving to the Cloud.


Companies say Cost is a barrier for not moving their payroll and HR systems to the Cloud. However, we have ways to bring costs of moving to the Cloud down.

Our unique approach and experience allows us to move your systems to the Cloud efficiently. This is to maximize your investment in the technology. Consequently, cost factors shouldn’t be a reason why you aren’t moving to the Cloud.

Security and reliability

Cloud providers have greater resources and incentives to maintain the optimum security and reliability of their systems.

The business model of Cloud providers depends on the systems being secure and reliable. These are just as vital for Cloud providers as they are for clients.

We dedicate vast amounts of resources ensuring our systems have the highest level of security. In addition we use industry best practices to maintain the integrity of cloud-based systems.

In summary

Although customers state cost, security and reliability as risks to moving to the Cloud. One could counter that by saying there are many more risks of not moving to the Cloud.

This includes being left behind when it comes to technology and being unable to take advantage of the latest innovations.

It almost seems inevitable that at some point in the future your business will have to move to the Cloud. This is where technology is heading and to be at the forefront, you will need to move to the Cloud.

It is almost a choice of pulling the Band-Aid off quickly and get set for the future or kick the can along the sidewalk for more years.

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