Ask the Expert: Is cloud payroll any better than on-premise?

In this installment of Ask the Expert, Marcos Suero, Field Solution Manager, North America discusses the question asked by many companies: Is cloud payroll any better than an on-premise solution?

When people ask whether on premise payroll is better than cloud payroll, they should probably ask whether or not the on-premise solution uses best practice.

That would be a more appropriate and telling question. Cloud based payroll technology invariably uses industry best practice. So although a company may know their on premise solution inside out, it may not be using industry best practice.

So if you aren’t using industry best practice for your payroll. Then it could be running less efficiently that it could be. It could also be at risk from a compliance point of view compared to a Cloud solution. This is because it may not have enacted the latest compliance and security updates.

Cloud payroll providers have improved security and guaranteed system availability. This helps to relieve some of the pressure on your business. You can then focus more on added value parts of HR.

When you evaluate the benefits moving your payroll to the Cloud versus remaining on premise, you may find that moving to the Cloud far outweighs staying on premise.

Functions such as increased automation and consistency can help to reduce costs. This in turn can offset some of your investment.

If you would like to see if it is worthwhile moving your on-premise solution to the Cloud, get in touch.