Ask the Expert: If it ain’t broke why fix it?

In this installment of our Ask the Expert, Marcos Suero, Field Solution Manager, North America gives an insight into why you need to have a look into refreshing or fixing your HR system, even if everything seems to be A-OK.

Often companies don’t realize something is wrong until it needs fixing or a new system is implemented and then realize how cumbersome the old system was.

Moving to the Cloud is a prime example. Cloud systems can do many labor intensive and monotonous tasks. Which can reduce the manual workload on staff and free them up to focus on more added value tasks.

Your HR system might not be broken, but it could well be outdated. This is especially apparent when you consider the flexibility that Cloud solutions offer.

On-premise versus the Cloud

With on-premise payroll solutions you have 48 hours every month to run the payroll. It is small window of opportunity because during that period you cannot make data changes. Employees do not have access to the system at this time.

In that short period, you have run the simulation and diagnose any errors or issues. This increases the pressure on your staff due to the time constraints.

Updated Cloud technology removes that headache. Cloud technology allows you to update and continuously run simulations to check payroll throughout the payroll period. This therefore removes time pressures on getting payroll correct like you have with an on-premise solution.

You need to ask yourself, are your payroll systems keeping up with the times? Or are they still operating how they were 5, 10 or 15 years ago? Cloud technology ensures your always keeping up to date with the latest technology.

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