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Are You an Engaged Employee?

This is an interesting question and so too is this one….

“Has employee engagement evolved or is it still rooted in the same problems as 25 years ago?”

You can read the answer to this question, according to the author of term “employee engagement”, in this article in the magazine, Workforce, but it does pose some interesting thought processes for us all.

  1. What is employee engagement; beyond the textbook HR definition?
  2. Does it really make a difference to you as an employee in the workplace?
  3. Do you recognise colleagues who are engaged, perhaps more or less so than you are?
  4. Does the above bother you?
  5. Should we even be able to tell that we’re engaged?
  6. Is it’s success employee engagement’s anonymity?

We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on employee engagement and its impact on your own and your employers successes or otherwise.