Adapt HR to win (survive) in the post-COVID-19 world

COVID-19 forced the future of work upon organisations. Meanwhile, CHROs confidence in delivering the future of work has always been a moving target. For five years according business analysts and reflected in the findings of Alight | NGA HR State of HR Transformation Survey (APAC) 2020.

HR 2025 Series: Getting prepared for 2025: The need to focus on Millennials

Our interactions with a cross section of millennials lead us to observe that in India basic needs and our emotional/psychological make-up does not change over time.   OCEAN is the popular acronym to describe the Big 5 personality theory (O-stands for Openness, C- Conscientiousness, E-Extraversion, A- Agreeableness and N-Neuroticism).   We believe that this theory, used since 1961, is still relevant today. We also deduced […]