HR Application Reporting

When you partner with us for your reporting,
we make it easy for you to get all the data you need,
when you need it.

One benefit of moving payroll and HR to the Cloud is having all your data in one place – even for thousands of employees across a global workforce. Your data should shape every decision you make when it comes to spending, hiring, reward and more.

So, consistent and accurate reporting is key. The right asset-tracking system lets you view all your spending data, plus key employee data like pay, holiday, absence and overtime.

Save time and money

Once you’ve configured your reporting, all your data is at your fingertips. And it’s easy to access, saving your HR team on time spent finding and exporting data. This frees them up to spend more time on your people.

Plus, accurate data gives you the insight and confidence needed to make real changes to your business – so you can invest where you’ll see the most benefit and reduce excess spending.

Analytics suites give you the tools to spot patterns as they’re emerging and act on key decisions sooner and with greater accuracy.

Reporting with Alight | NGA HR

Our reporting helps you make the important decisions
for your business and your people.

Integrating your systems

We help you integrate your payroll and HR systems with the Cloud for ease of use.

This means all your data is in one place. So, you can navigate between spending and employee data at the touch of a button to get an overview of your current environment.

Accurate reporting

Our analytics platform gives you the data you need to drive big decisions. Using our analytics systems removes the risk of bias when it comes to decision-making, as everything is informed by data.

Our systems facilitate the recording of information, display trends and patterns. They break down data to see the raw numbers, to best inform every decision you make.

Payroll analytics

Our analytics platform takes the effort out of managing your spending. It’s intuitive to use and gives you a bird’s eye view of your key outgoings, which you can then view in more detail.

Set up personalised dashboards for your priority spending, to get an overview of where your money’s going. Then break them down for greater detail – for example by country, location, date and more. Plus, you can go even more granular using metrics like benefits and overtime.

Thanks to our innovative analytics design, all your data can be filtered, so you can find the information you need in seconds – even when managing thousands of employees across a global workforce.


A key feature of our analytics platform are dashboards that can be customized – giving you an overview of your spending and employee data at a glance.

Standard dashboards include; top 10 KPIs, payroll, diversity, overtime and headcount – giving you the top-level data you need to understand your current environment. You can then dig deeper into each category for more detail.

Tailored reporting

Personalise your analytics reports to meet your needs.

Whether you’re after employee absence data for a specific region or global benefits spending data, our intuitive analytics platform makes it effortless to find the information you need to make the big decisions.

Our platform allows you to set up regular automatic reports and the intuitive design makes it simple to produce one-off reports, too.


Once you’ve got the data you need, save and export it in a way that suits you.

Send key statistics to stakeholders, export charts and trend graphs for use in end-of-year reports and print off graphics for use in presentations.

Our analytics platform helps you identify the calls that matter by making it easier to visualise and present key data. So, you can improve your business performance for you and your people.