HR Application

We support the integration of applications(apps)
into your HR systems.

Global businesses may have individual HR systems for each region, division and subsidiary brand. This therefore makes it difficult to support consistent HR across its employees.

So, the challenge facing many is integrating into a single system that meets the needs of its global workforce.

Integration is about creating harmony across all employees and in all aspects of HR. Including time management, benefits and rewards, Human Capital Management(HCM) and more.

Transparency, efficiency and ease of use

Successful integration makes life easier for your HR team and employees.

It’s about bringing everything together in a single intuitive platform, so they don’t have to remember multiple URLs and logins. Plus, saving time on administrative HR tasks frees up your people to do what they do best.

Having all your employee data in one place allows you to perform HR tasks faster – giving your decision-makers access to key information. This enables global reporting and allows your employees effortless access to the information that matters to them.

App integration with Alight | NGA HR

We understand the HR challenges facing global businesses. When you partner with us, we get to know your current environment and your needs.

As a result this helps you integrate your existing systems into a single platform that works for you and your people.

HR meets IT

Our team of HR experts has the knowledge to understand your current HR environment and how you can integrate existing systems into a new solution. And our IT experts have the technical expertise to implement the changes.

We help you move your HR systems to the Cloud, improving accessibility and usability for you and your people. This helps you achieve the workforce buy-in that’s so crucial when making big changes as a result.

A personalized integration approach

When you partner with us, we don’t just roll out a new HR solution. We take the time to understand your current global HR environment and work with you to define and establish the solution that better suits the needs of your business.

We help you migrate your data and integrate your existing systems to create a fully integrated solution. This includes making sure the new system is legacy compatible, integrating existing systems and moving across your data in a way that preserves functionality and information.

Plus, we’ll work with you to build third-party system integration, so you can add payroll data and any future platforms you invest in.

Creating a consistent user experience

We know your HR team and employees are busy. So that’s why we work with you to establish and deliver a consistent user experience with your HR system. It’s about meeting their expectations, to make life easier and allow them to focus on what they do best.

We help you consolidate your HR system in a way that suits your people. For example, as a mobile app or across multiple devices and languages.

The aim is to integrate your existing systems into one accessible and intuitive solution that minimizes administrative tasks for the user, so they can get the information they need quickly and easily.

For now, and in the future

For employers and HR teams, having global data in one place provides central governance and greater control over HR strategy.

It allows you to align top-level dashboards and KPIs across your workforce and achieve consistency across regions. And this standardization of data makes it simpler to implement changes at scale and nurture a common way of working across your global employees.

Integrating all your data in one system also helps inform the big decisions when it comes to your current employees and future plans.

For example, when identifying and plugging skills gaps in the future, you’re able to search your employee database for skills, qualifications, career information and more. This therefore allows you to encourage career progression among your current workforce and identify opportunities for growth.

Post-go-live support

Our partnership doesn’t end with go-live. Once you’re up and running, we continue to act as an extension to your team, advising on technical issues and maintenance queries.

This includes acting as your full-time support team, therefore helping you get the most value from your HR system by rolling out new features and functionalities as soon as they’re released and training key employees.

Integrating your HR systems now sets you up for future growth. Our key platforms are designed to accommodate integration with other systems – unlike with self-developed solutions.

So, when you’re ready to invest in new solutions or hire new people, you have an HR system in place that can accommodate growth.