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We ensure your HR applications(apps) are optimally configured

When it comes to HR software – in particular, cloud software as a service (SaaS) – technology moves fast. And to make the most of your system, avoid downtime and stay secure, you need to keep up with the changes.

You need to not only manage the technical changes but be able to train your people. This is to adapt to software updates and provide support to minimize disruption.

What is configuration management?

Configuration management includes technical changes, fixes and upgrades to a software system that keep it working properly. It makes sure you’re getting the most of it.

It’s important to track configuration. Keeping a version history of all changes to your system means, if something goes wrong, you can see when any changes happened and fix them or restore the system to its last working point.

Key benefits of configuration management:


Configuration management is about tracking any changes to your software.

This gives you visibility over the complete history of your system.

So, when you find a fault, you can instantly see when it was last working properly and when the changes happened.

Through visibility and tracking of the changes of your system you can then go back and make any changes. Or simply restore the software to its last version.


Configuration management encourages taking a proactive approach to the state of your HR systems, instead of reacting once something’s gone wrong.

Traceability of all changes to your systems enables you to go in and fix any problems right away – avoiding the cost of downtime and repairs that could negatively impact performance.

It also means systems are always up to date, so you’re protected against the latest costly risks.


Taking a proactive approach to application maintenance means it’s easier to adapt when something goes wrong.

Tracking changes and keeping your systems up to date with the latest upgrades means you’re best placed to react to any changes or faults, easily restoring the system or reacting to the latest risks.

Configuration management with Alight | NGA HR

Ongoing support

Introducing an HR system isn’t a one-off task. To get the most out of your payroll, talent and performance management software you need to stay on top of system updates and keep them compliant against the latest risks.

When you partner with us for application maintenance, we’ll track your complete system history, including all changes to the software.

So, if you experience any problems, we can review the system for unplanned changes and either help you integrate new updates or restore it to working order.

This way downtime is kept to a minimum, so your HR team can keep working to make things better for your people.

Performance testing

We also run regular performance tests to make sure your systems are running properly and you’re getting the most out of them. The results of these tests are also logged. This is so we can spot any problems or inconsistencies as soon as possible.

Tracking your system means we’re able to help you roll out any upgrades quickly. HR systems are always introducing new features to help you better look after and reward your people. When you partner with us, we help you make the most of these new updates.


Pre-configured solutions from Alight | NGA HR

Our FastTrack HR and payroll solutions give you faster deployment and help you save on costs.

This is because – unlike most systems – our FastTrack model is pre-configured, tested and proven. So, it integrates with your existing systems out of the box, without the need for any technical changes – getting you up and running faster.

Plus, as it’s pre-configured, you get a guaranteed cost upfront, as there’s no custom integration needed. When you choose one of our FastTrack systems, you get 50% faster deployment with 60% less effort compared with traditional HR systems. Your new system can be fully rolled out in as little as 12 weeks.

And when you partner with us, our team of experts get your system working for you. So, when you’re ready to expand or move into new markets, we’re here to help.

Our FastTrack systems are designed to help with international expansion. They’re fully compliant in 51 countries and come preset with 6 basic languages, so no custom work is needed as you add new regions.

Our team of HR experts not only give you the technical support to get your systems up and running but also the knowledge of global markets to help you make the most of your HR systems as your business changes and grows.