HR Application

Investing in your HR system maintenance is just
the first step in creating a better workplace
for your people.

HR is always changing – with new compliance regulations and HR system providers rolling out innovative updates regularly. You need to stay compliant and keep up to date with upgrades to get the most out of your system.

What is application maintenance?

Application(app) maintenance is the continuous update and improvements to your HR software systems. It ensures they’re providing value – like fixing bugs or problems and taking advantage of new vendor updates.

HR management doesn’t end with the introduction of a new system. There’s always new software updates and regulatory changes to consider and you may move into new markets or need help integrating additional systems.

Common changes may include making improvements to usability, correcting problems with tools or adding value by making the software easier to use – for example by adding new features.

Industry technology is always evolving, so you need to be updated so you can get the most out of your systems.

Four types of app maintenance


Is work done to fix or correct a specific problem with the software. It’s about getting the system back to working order after a fault or bug.

Sometimes corrective maintenance is scheduled and planned for a future time.

For example when you’ve had a system for a certain length of time and get it checked for faults, while other times it’s unplanned and in response to a bug.

Corrective maintenance is common and performed just in time.


Is the upgrades and alterations made to your system to keep it working properly when things around it change.

Technology is always changing and sometimes you need to tweak your HR system to make sure it fits the environment.

New hardware or operating systems – or even new threats – may spark the need for adaptive maintenance.


Are changes made to your system to keep it performing at its peak.

This includes changes to design and user interface, adding new features or tools or simply adjusting the system to be more intuitive and helpful for the user.

Perfective maintenance is less frequent but more disruptive, so your people should be trained on any big changes.


Is about spotting and fixing any problems before they become faults.

This also includes prepping for upcoming changes to make sure they don’t disrupt your people and how they work.

Preventive maintenance is designed to be non-disruptive and your people shouldn’t even notice any changes.

App lifecycle management
with Alight | NGA HR

We’re here to help you get the most out of your HR systems – whether you need to make changes to your system to fix faults or improve usability to make life simpler for your people.

Our experts deliver HR services across nine platforms, so whatever your system, we help you make improvements to make your life easier. And once any technical changes have been made, we’ll help train your people, so their work isn’t impacted.

You also get access to around-the-clock support from our experts. They help key users with any challenges they have with your HR system, so they’re always able to perform key, time-sensitive tasks right away.

This frees up your HR team to spend more time making your workplace the best it can be for your people.

Keeping you compliant

HR regulations change all the time – with new regional compliance guidelines coming into play every day.

So, it’s tough for businesses to manage compliance across a global workforce.

Our experts deliver HR services across 188 countries, in five continents – so we make light work of your regional compliance needs.

And when you needs change, or as you move into new markets, we’re here to help you stay compliant and make sure your HR systems are updated with the latest security standards and legal requirements.

Cost-effective solution

When you partner with us, we act as an extension to your HR team.

You get access to our expert HR knowledge and technical experts who provide application maintenance support without the cost of employing a dedicated team.

Plus, we keep you compliant across global markets, so you don’t have to worry about the costs of failing to comply with regulations.

And the service is scalable, so you only pay for what you need, as you need it.

Our clients have seen significant cost reductions since working with us on application maintenance, speak to us if you would like to know more.

Global service, local expertise

Our global team of experts have the HR knowledge to support your global workforce.

Together with the specialist regional expertise ensuring you always meet local specific regulations.

As rules change, we’ll help you make sure your HR systems are updated and remain compliant.