Adapt HR to win (survive) in the post-COVID-19 world

Alight | NGA HR State of HR Transformation Survey (APAC) 2020 backs this up

Covid-19 forced forward the future of work. By up to five years
according to findings of the Alight | NGA HR State of HR
Transformation Survey (APAC) 2020. Before all else, workforce agility
must be built-in. How, where and when people work must be
adaptable. Talk of a second wave and of recession cannot be ignored.

The long run winners will be organisations that match workforce skills
and numbers to best business outcomes. Those coming through the
COVID-19 crisis fastest were “healthy” and followed this model
ahead of the lockdown.

How will you achieve optimum business performance?




Visibility, agility and resilience. The report highlights that these as key. Visibility come from analysing and reporting people data, pro- and retroactively.

Data must be pooled from all HR functions. Workforce management; time and attendance; payroll, succession planning and learning and development tools provide valuable insights. Integration with other departments, including finance is important.

Review business plans

Business plans and talent strategies drawn up ahead of COVID-19 need to be reviewed. New business objectives need to be overlaid with existing workforce capabilities. Decisions are then made on “skills” needed to move forward.

The result will be a sharper, tighter, higher returning workforce. The risk of future business interruption of this scale is greatly reduced.

The enablers to successful HR transformation can be found in this report.

What must HR deliver on?

HR must work in parallel with the board. Understand, what are likely to be unsettled business objectives, to ensure the talent, skills and resources continue to meet these.

The report findings point to the following 3 HR department expectations:

People Outcomes

The expectation is that execution details to achieve these outcomes will constantly change and meet ongoing recalibration

  • 1 Culture
  • 2 Capability
  • 3 Aspirations & Carreers
  • 4 Performance

Employee Experience

HR will need to think from an Experience lens to make program and services relevant for all different groups

  • 1 Easy
  • 2 Personal (Relevant)
  • 3 Informed
  • 4 Supported

People Analytics

Using data to inform the organization about a process vis-a-vis committed outcomes navigator (GPS) to your Human Capital Strategy

  • 1 Lifestyle
  • 2 Capability (not a CoE)
  • 3 Rationale based
  • 4 Goverance

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Research background

Qualitive and quantitive research

  • 1 Annual report, tracking change since 2017
  • 2 1,228 participant organisations (5,000 to 25,000+ employees)
  • 3 Opinions of 2,200+ HR business leaders, representing all HR functions
  • 4 Represents experiences of 8 million employees, worldwide (reflects RoW trends)
  • 5 Companies ranked by HR transformation maturity
  • 6 Representing all core market sectors

Geographic scope


Greater China







Expert opinion

This report is for you if you are an HR professional in a medium to large organisation.

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