How is Digital transforming Human Resources today?

Why is it defining the employee experience of tomorrow?

What will the workplace of the future look like?

What is Digital HR?

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Key Strategies for 2018: the Role of HR in a Digital World

From an HR perspective, it has never been more challenging to be able to strongly support business growth.  In the spirit of 2018 and Digital HR Transformation Dave Ulrich discussed and shared to NGA HR his key strategies to re-shape HR. Learn more on the key strategies and how to:

  1. Create value-adding HR strategies
  2. Build a team with talent
  3. Build a digital HR eco-system
  4. Develop a strong organization - 3 key elements
  5. Invest in Employee Experience to strengthen the Customer Experience

Watch the videos: What's Next for HR: Your 2018 Tactics Revealed

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Digital Workplace in Europe


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Disruptive Technology and the CHRO

disruptive technology

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How To Successfully Move HR To The Cloud

What is the impact of SaaS (Software as a Service) on your organization’s future, and how can you prepare for the resulting changes in order to make the most of them? These are some of the questions addressed in this white paper.

As consumers we deal more and more with services provided in Cloud mode: From managing our money, to buying books, maintaining friendships, and booking travel, all are transacted through online platforms in the cloud. Our daily online experience has raised expectations regarding the types of platforms we use and the ease of use we want to experience, whether it is in a private or professional context.  

This white paper helps explain how you can move HR systems to the New Normal.

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Cloud-enable your HR

The cloud offers organizations new opportunities to optimize HR service delivery in a cost-efficient way. Over the last years, cloud technology has transformed HR perhaps more—and more rapidly—than any other business area.

Cloud technology has enabled HR to move from transaction-based to a more strategic discipline that creates value for its stakeholders—senior management, business partners and employees.

Basic HR functions have been routinely automated and/or outsourced, while users across the globe input, access and share data that allows HR leaders to do everything from foresee and respond to shifting global trends to meet their employees’ individual needs.


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Digital HR Success in 4 Easy Steps

digital hr

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