Payroll - whether you label it local, bureau, managed service, multi-country or global payroll, BPO or BPaaS - Payroll is NGA's Number One area of expertise.

Global Payroll Services at a glance

Why NGA?

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Global delivery footprint

Digital payslip

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Compliance & Quality

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Flexible Delivery Options

Pick your payroll outsourcing flavor, between Provisioned, Managed, and Comprehensive services.

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NGA's Payroll Exchange at the heart of Global Payroll

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Why Global Payroll Services

The Power of One

NGA's Global Payroll Network creates a single powerful global payroll solution, inspired by the power of one: one contract, one SLA ,one invoice, and one account manager. The concept is simple: you focus on your core business, while NGA handles the complexity of managing global payroll.

NGA's Global Payroll solution smartly combines NGA's payroll solutions, with local partner solutions, and compliance experts. Our operations experts and service delivery tie it all together in a single, global solution.

Think 'Roaming', for Payroll

NGA's Payroll Exchange platform does to payroll what roaming does to cell phones. Behind the scenes it takes care of all the complexities associated with connecting networks, data formats, security protocols, and routing options. 

The end result is a seamlessly connected service, between various HRIS systems and various local payroll engines, available globally.

Multi-country payroll service

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