Global Payroll Done Easy

Whether you need an integrated, on-premise ERP-based payroll engine, a flexible local proprietary payroll system, outsourced payroll for your small business, an efficient international managed payroll service to support your business growth, or a transparent multi-country payroll solution, NGA can help. At NGA, payroll is our core business: we offer powerful payroll solutions which streamline your payroll process, while capturing critical business intelligence about your entire workforce.

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NelsonHall’s NEAT report confirms

NGA designated as a leader in Payroll BPO

NelsonHall, an industry leading BPO analyst firm, positions NGA HR as a leader in Payroll BPO (overall market segment) in 2014. The success was attributed primarily to the established global service delivery network; capability of technical teams to deliver large-scale transformations for clients who have difficulty changing themselves; and the fact that we build and use technologies that are rich in self-service & automation.

NGA Newsletter Featuring Gartner Research

Moving Payroll to the Next Level

In this newsletter we take a deeper dive into the technology that helps organizations improve their payroll processes, no matter what their global footprint is. With the rise of the cloud, organizations have been overwhelmed by technology options that increase efficiencies, drive down cost and optimize the company's business results.

Explore NGA Services for Workday

NGA brings multi-country payroll services in 145+ countries to Workday customers in the cloud. NGA provides Workday customers greater choice and flexibility while lowering costs.

Technip runs euHReka

Technip – a world leader in project management, engineering and construction for the energy industry – decided to globally harmonize its HR platform and processes. Supported by NGA, the company succeeded in creating a more centralized, secured and compliant HR environment for more than 17.000 employees in 13 countries.

2014 Payroll Complexity Index

Managing and rewarding employees across the globe can be costly and full of legal, cultural, compliance and data quality challenges. As a market leader in HR & payroll services, NGA HR initiated a global Payroll Complexity survey to provide an objective overview of the complexity of managing the payroll process in 35 countries across the globe.