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Employee Experience Insights

Global HR

Employee experience is made up by the collection of touch points that an employee has with his/her employer. It may sound surprising, but the number of interactions can run in the hundreds on a yearly basis as it includes every interaction with HR systems, HR staff, managers, HR shared service centers, intranet, collaboration tools, etc.

How Complex is Payroll in Your Country?

Payroll complexity Index

NGA conducted a global Payroll Complexity survey to provide an objective overview of the degree of payroll complexity in the countries where we operate. This report not only provides an overview of complexity in individual categories but also rolls up the data into an overall global overview, which we call the Payroll Complexity Index.

How to Bridge the Gap in Your Multi-Country Payroll Solution?

Multi-country Payroll

Picking the right payroll solution for your multinational organization can sometimes feel like an impossible decision. It becomes a balancing act to ensure that the needs of the stakeholders are equally considered with the bottom-line benefits for the company. Not an easy task as these goals are rarely fully aligned.

How the Cloud is Impacting HR

Cloud Human Resources

As an HR professional you are constantly challenged to optimize your HR service delivery by fine-tuning your HR processes, people, services and technology. In the last years the cloud has been presented as the ultimate solution for business and Software as a Service as the only answer.